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Welcome to Hungarian Youth

You might be asking, what is this RIK and what has it got to do with this website? Firstly, RIK stand for the Rakoczi Ifjusagi Klub. We are the only Hungarian Youth Club in Melbourne and our main objective is to create unity among the Hungarian youth all over Melbourne. We do this by running events and functions which attempt to bring together young Hungarians in a safe and relaxed environment. RIK is based at the Hungarian Community Centre here in Melbourne (Magyar Haz) and most of our events and functions are organized there.

We represent the whole Hungarian Youth community. Our goals and objectives are to provide you (the member) a sense of belonging in the community. To bring together all of the Hungarian Youth and give each and every one of you incentive and pride to be who you are, Hungarian. That fundamental characteristic that we share is the strong point of our purpose. However, don’t be mislead and think that RIK is only open to Hungarians. It is open to everyone who is like-minded and enjoys being a part of this community.

RIK is a non-profit organisation meaning that all it’s Committee Members and helpers create these events and functions without asking for anything in return. We recieve pure gratitude by seeing fellow Hungarians enjoy themselves and hearing about their great experiences at our events.

All money and proceeds ultimately go back to you. The money we ask of you is to simply cover our expenses and help us to organise the next event. Proceeds accumulated are used to create facilities that you can use. For example, the RIK Club Room. RIK is still quite a young club. Through out this year and coming years we will only get bigger and our benefits will also become bigger and better. Tell us what you would like! This is your club!

Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Are you looking to take your business to higher level and enhance productivity of your staff? If you are serious about achieving great success in your business, coaching can help you tremendously. Business coaching is vital for your company to stay competent and produce outstanding results.

Business coaching is one of the contemporary inventions in the world of business. Coaching does not only entail teaching how an organization or business should work, but it also teaches how employees should be striving towards personal as well as professional growth.

Profit maximization is essential for businesses and it’s one of the benefits of business coaching. It trains staff, helps improve processes, and makes changes that work towards increasing the revenue generated by any business or organization. Coaching makes sure increased profits is achieved in the most efficient possible way. With the help of coaching, most risks are eliminated and new profitable avenues are also created as it provides you with a better understanding of the market.

Another benefit of business coaching is that it ensures that every individual in the company improves his or her skills and maximizes productivity. Training is aimed at sharpening skills and existing training procedures are improved. When the skills of individuals in the organization are improved, this results to increased quality and quantity of output.

Business coaching https://www.actionvictoria.com.au/ also teaches professionalism. This is very easy to understand and aims to show how to function in a business. It makes the business services professional in nature, and also develops and designs modules for the staff members to function the same way. As a result, the goodwill of the business is greatly increased.

Through coaching, businesses see improvement in communication skills and the efficiency of business practices. Coaching ensures a perfect business environment for all employees to get along well and work efficiently for improved productivity. Barriers of communication leads to barriers to employee output and this is eliminated by business coaching.

Many of the world’s most successful companies invest in coaching, which is why they reached the pinnacle of success. By investing in business coaching, you too, can reach the level of success you set for your organization.


Custom home builders melbourne

custom home builders melbourne
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